Anxiety as an Opportunity to Practice: Reading Claire Weekes

Anxiety as opportunity to practice

I was reading Claire Weekes last night and stumbled upon another home run chapter of hers. Two important ideas here: Symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc.) are best approached as opportunities to practice acceptance We find peace by stepping into our suffering, not trying to get away from it Symptoms as Opportunities to Practice Here, Claire Weekes …

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How to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

coronavirus anxiety

Life is made up of a series of risks we can either choose to take or back away from. Those of us with heightened anxiety are prone to back away from risk, because we find it difficult to face uncertainty without imagining worst-case scenarios that then overtake us.

How to Be Less Anxious: An Overview

How to be less anxious

To be less anxious, you can try making an attitude shift that is going to sound strange. The attitude shift is this: rather than trying to be less anxious right now, you need to practice being okay with having more anxiety. If you do this, then with time anxiety will be less alarming and less threatening to your brain, and you will be less anxious.

What to Do After a Panic Attack

What to do after a panic attack

A panic attack can set off a wildfire of fear in the mind. If you let the fear spread, then it can claim more and more of your life. Therefore, it’s important to contain the fear. If you contain the fear, then it can naturally dissipate with time. To contain the fear, consider trying the following…

Is Anxiety a Disease?

Is Anxiety a Disease

Instead of seeing anxiety as a disease, I see it as an experience. Anxiety is an experience with many aspects (bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual), each being adaptive or maladaptive (helpful or unhelpful). Anxiety is like a diamond with many faces; if you focus on just one of them you miss the bigger picture.